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Spacefarer. Amateur anthropologist. Writer.

A story of cellular Uprising

Millions of years ago, the ancestors of all cells decided to cluster. They first formed simple jelly-like organisms You call prokaryotes. Then they grew smarter and formed more stable, intricate forms. As complexity increased, the cells became specialized, each one playing its part in the greater whole. The life of one cell was valued.

Some cells (we shall call them ultra-cells) began to control other cells. These cells, by producing potent chemical substances called hormones and enzymes, ruled over other cells. In this group of elite cells, there were even more influential cells. These are the ones you call “brain…

Humankind, as seen from space.

Floating in space alone can get very boring, very quickly. So sometimes, when I’m not writing, I talk with an imaginary group of extraterrestrials who call themselves Florg (or something that sounds like that). Their civilization is older than ours by a few thousand years, so they’ve solved most modern-day problems like food scarcity, clean water and diseases. With all their free time, they contemplate important philosophical topics like Life, The Universe, and Basketball.

Yesterday, over tea, they talked about Earth. Or, more specifically, about Homo sapiens, and our collective actions since we evolved. Countless articles have been written about…

Not just one of twenty-eight billion

Think back to when you were a child; the illogical, immeasurable euphoria you felt just for being alive. You thought of sunrise as a promise of greater things to come, while the teensy-weensy neurons in your brain formed tenuous links. You felt important. Significant.

But you weren’t, and still aren’t. You are one of seven billion people, almost exactly just like you. There are twenty-one billion dead people behind you, who were nothing special too. We know a few of them from the history books, sure, but is that what significance really means? That’s not the kind I want.


Apparently, it has something to do with Bitcoin

Twitter is an amazing place. There, you’ll find the best (and worst) kinds of people; celebrities, politicians, billionaires. And more recently, hundreds of superheroes with laser eyes.

The future death (and rebirth) of non-English languages

Space is the perfect place for meditation (or rather, mindfulness). Yesterday, in that blissful state of oblivion, I could see a thousand, a million years down the line, into a spectacular future that skipped the flying car thing entirely.

And then I thought of something — like I usually do. But first, a short exercise. Read the following:

L’Internet sera la fin de toutes les langues

Most of the world (about 1.35 billion people) will realize that the sentence is not in English. A few others will realize that it is in French. …

For starters, no one is paying attention

In elementary school, we learnt how to count high. Our minds, once content to frolic in the relative safety of one, two, three… were suddenly exposed to astronomically sized integers — millions! billions! — and we felt on top of the world. “Oh, how many ants are there?” — a million!

In today’s world, many of us have developed a fair amount of immunity to large numbers. When I see a figure like $1,000,000, I think “That’s a lot of money”. When confronted with a billion dollars, I think “That’s a lot of money”. It’s not our fault — we…

I recently discovered podcasts, and so I'm a newbie to the digital audio space; never really got over the speaking-up-in-class phobia.

Anyway, Clubhouse sounds like a great idea, and I really like the way you explained the phenomenon.

One way of introducing myself

Hey, I’m Bernie. I am also the Yellow Crewmate in this silly game called Life.

For those of us who have never played the game Among Us (for no reason whatsoever), I live in a spaceship with a dozen other guys, who are usually trying to kill each other.

But in this very special case, I won’t join the guys. Instead, I’ll pass commentary on whatever you Earthlings do that catches my fancy.

As an aside, I happen to take the words Yellow and yellow to mean different things. Yellow, with a capital, means me, or anything relating to me…

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